On Camera Class

The on camera class is a realistic audition setting that allows you to develop and test your skills and instincts in the most difficult environment you will encounter as an actor…the audition. Through repetition and an evolving level of challenging material the audition environment will become comfortable and fun. The work is recorded so that it can be replayed and refined because, “People can lie to you…but the camera never will.”

The class is ongoing, meaning that you can start anytime and stop anytime. The material and instruction is specifically geared to each individual student depending on their skill and confidence so there may be beginners and advanced students in the same class. This also serves to offer a model to beginners on where they are headed and remind advanced students that their confidence is well earned.

During the course of the class alternate classes will pop up. These will include: Commercial 1: Classical and operant conditioning models, Commercial 2: Large chunk Hero models, Frozen Reading: Way beyond cold reading, Monologues: built to fit the actor, Sit-Com vs Kids Comedy: how to stay grounded in "Turbo Mode,” etc.

Classes are limited to 8 students so that every student has a chance to work in every class.

Tuition is $50 per class.

Let’s face it. This industry runs as a last minute scramble. Your schedule can change dramatically in a day and since your instructors are working actors and industry professionals so can theirs. If you can’t show up you don’t pay for the class but you miss the progress. Likewise a class may be cancelled by the instructor or the instructor may change for work related reasons. Make sure you are entered in the scheduling system so that we can contact you in case of a change.

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Private Sessions

I will work with you on whatever you want. Auditions, monologues, how to best prepare or memorize material, marketing questions, or if you’re stressed and need perspective, I am here for you.

$150/hr for single hour session
$125/hr for multiple one hour sessions

Skype sessions are also available. Email Billy (billy.wcistudios@mac.com)

Marketing Class & GVMI

Kids Private Sessions & Classes

†Please refer to Rules for absence, make-up, and credit policies.
*All prices are subject to change.