On Camera Class

ON-CAMERA CLASSES run in 4-6 weeks sessions. The sessions are thematic in nature: Commercials, Theatrical Auditions, Scene Study, etc. The final class of a session is usually a Combo class, meaning that classes on a particular day will combine and become a larger class. The Combo class will be taught by an industry professional, like a Casting Director, Director, Producer, etc. Before you sign up for a 4-6 week session, make sure that you are available for the final Combo Class as it may be at a different time than your regular class. You may enter a class after the session has begun. However, we recommend starting as soon as possible so that you will be prepared for the industry person.

If you start a session and are inconsistent in your attendance or are otherwise unprepared, we reserve the right to remove you from the final Combo class with the industry professional. You will not be required to pay for an individual class that you are removed from. You may NOT enter the session for only the Combo Class, unless you are taking private sessions or have a specific waiver from the staff of WCI Studios. If you miss a class in a session that you did not schedule in advance as "out of town, etc," you will not receive credit for the class. You can, however, make up that class by doubling up in a future week. (See rules for more explanation.) If the class is 4 sessions or less you must pay for the class in full by the first class. If the session is more than 4 classes you must pay for half or more (if it is an odd number of weeks) by the first class. The second payment will be due by the beginning of the unpaid class.

This class is limited to 8 actors plus 2 spaces for make up students.

$200/4 weeks (Tuition is prorated for 5 and 6 week sessions and students joining mid-session.)

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Advanced Class

These will be scene study and deep world of the character development classes.
You will not work every week in the advanced class as I will have you participating in a observer role for your off weeks. You must still show up.


All the other classes will be On-Camera audition, etc. classes. If the Advanced class time is at the time you used to take class i.e. 8PM Sunday or Tuesday, you must move to another class or get your butt in gear and get into the Advanced class.

The criteria to join the Advanced classes:

1) You must show up to the regular class or private sessions totally prepared.

2) You must be at a level in your mindset where you can let go into the world.

3) You must be willing to commit to 4-5 weeks in a row.

4) You must be able to understand material(Context and Consequence) to a level that is deemed competent.

If you slack you will be asked to move to the regular classes until you take in the slack and start following the criteria.

This class is limited to 8 actors plus 2 spaces for make up students.

$200/4 weeks (Tuition is prorated for 5 and 6 week sessions and students joining mid-session.)

Private Sessions

I will work with you on whatever you want. Auditions, monologues, how to best prepare or memorize material, marketing questions, or if you’re stressed and need perspective, I am here for you.

$150/hr for single hour session
$125/hr for multiple one hour sessions

Skype sessions are also available. Email Billy (billy.wcistudios@mac.com) or sign up on Act Adept.

Marketing Class & GVMI

Kids Private Sessions & Classes

†Please refer to Rules for absence, make-up, and credit policies.
*All prices are subject to change.