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Procedure for starting in the class:

1) Go to the locations page (youíll see maps for San Diego and Los Angeles) and print it out. You must use the Map for LA and print it out because it is confusing the first time and the description is important.

2) The first class is on me. Instead of auditing where you sit in the back and watch, I let you take the class once for free. You will work and get feedback from me and the camera. It is critical that you experience the class and take a good solid step forward for you to understand what I do. This is why I call it a Participant/Audit.

3) Make sure you read the rules and regulations on the website.

After you have taken the Participant Audit, you join a specific class on the schedule and each class is 2.5 hours.

I look forward to meeting you. Itís going to be a blast.


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