Kids Classes & Private Sessions

I work one on one with your child and you to get him/her to understand what to do and what everything means. For someone her/his age getting you to understand is even more important so I strongly advise that you be in all sessions. The private sessions are $125.00 per hour and usually set time once a week. I am currently running about 12 of these sessions but I can probably make a time for you if you are interested.

Lastly, I want you to understand my philosophy with kids. I think they have natural desire to want to live in imaginary worlds and feel things. Children’s feelings are very strong and never wrong. Their behavior may be inappropriate but never the feeling that brings the behavior about. This is their intuition and stomping on it will be a great detriment to them and make them complain about all of us to their therapist in 25 years!! I am very careful to make sure that nothing that I do takes priority over your child being a healthy and happy child. I do not work with parents trying to live out their dreams through their children or forcing their children to do something that they are not interested in. If you agree with this philosophy then lets talk some more.

LA and San Diego:
$150/hr for single hour session
$125/hr for multiple one hour sessions

†Please refer to Rules & Regulations for absence, make-up, and credit policies.
*All prices are subject to change.