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Attention: Before getting headshots, I highly recommend getting your colors done. Here are 2 places I know of that provide this service.

San Diego: Color Me Special - Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring? Find out what colors bring out the best in you. Contact Denise Welsh at 619-985-0158 to schedule an appointment.

LA: The Color Company


Greg Crowder Photography
Great headshot photographer who I highly recommend. Discounts for WCI students.

Karine Simone Photography
Another great photographer I have shot with. Great eye. Discounts for WCI students.

Kenneth Dolin Photography
Check his work out. $50- discount for full session for WCI students.

Headshot Reproductions

Ray the Retoucher (a little more expensive but great quality and quicker service)


Demo Reels
If you have attended a forum or read an article on demo reels in the last few years chances are you have heard of Robert Cambell and QuickNickel.
Michael DeGood


Casting Director Workshops
Casting director workshops looked highly upon in industry. Membership is $50/year. ReelPros2 is for younger actors (ages 18-26). Workshops usually range from $30-45. They also do classes which are open to the public.
Casting director workshops and classes.
TVI holds casting director workshops and classes and also does career counseling. Yearly membership is expensive, but there are a lot of benefits.
Casting director workshops/career counseling and networking.


Showcases –Mark is a casting director and great guy. He’s cast me before and runs a pretty tight ship. Here's the info for the latest showcase.

Mark Sikes’ Industry Showcase 

In the past we have had anywhere from 20 -50 industry guests in attendance and many of my participants have procured representation and auditions from this event. Unlike workshops or less legitimate showcases, we do not pay industry to attend. This guarantees that those in attendance are serious about finding new talent and new clients. 

For publicity, we print up a high-quality, color flyer with all the participants’ photos on them. You will need to get me your photo for the flyer by the first run-through to be included on the flyer. I send the flyers out through the breakdowns. I do a CD mailing and I get on the phone with industry as well. I also encourage the actors in the showcase to send out some flyers to their industry contacts as well. You are ultimately responsible for finding your own scene and partner. I am happy to try to help participants find scenes and partners. Anyone needing help finding scenes or partners needs to contact me asap. I expect all participants to make serious efforts to find their own scene and partner. Scenes should be comedic and must not be longer than 4 minutes long. I reserve the right to approve all material performed in the showcase and to make the necessary cuts to ensure the appropriate running time.

Any other questions can be directed to my email: or my business phone @ 818 759 7648.


Casting Links
Most used commercial casting website. Can submit yourself to projects. Free with agent, $10/month if you don't have an agent. Must register in person.
Casting website used for mostly theatrical casting. Can submit yourself to projects. $10/month with or without agent. Can register online.
A part of Breakdown Services, Ltd. Can view special breakdowns for actors and submit headshot and resume online to casting directors. Theatrical mostly. Registration is free.
Home of Backstage West, the leading newspaper source for actors. Can find breakdowns online or order subscription to have delivered to home. This is where Grad/Student and most Non-Union Films list their projects.

Actor Websites by
Build your actor website at and get the first 3 months free as a member of WCI Studios


Important Show Business Links
Anything and everything you'd ever want to know about any actor, producer, director, movie, tv show, you NAME IT! IMDB is THE source for any information having anything to do with film and television.
Bookstore for the entertainment industry. Find any book on acting or the business and get up to date directories of agents and casting directors here
An online acting community known as the Professional Actors Resource Forum, sometimes called Parents of Actors Resource Forum. Our members are primarily teen and young adult actors, and as you may have guessed, parents of actors. We also welcome adult actors, agents, managers, producers, directors, casting directors, and other industry professionals.
Lists all current TV shows and casting directors including associates and assistants.
General Info for for actors. Not a good deal of info right now.
great best, worst, and scam areas.
Give you a primetime grid to catch shows. You can download shows if you have an audition and don't know the show. (May require Tivo)
INDY CINE - a filmaking resourse site. Packed with link and information. Discounts of cameras, editing,etc.
4000 films in five years, all 30 days at a time.

Group101Films is an LA-based filmmaking collective that challenges each member to shoot a short film every 30 days. Started by five entertainment industry professionals in 2000, the collective has exploded with over 600 filmmakers in 12 cities across the U.S. and abroad, making Group101 the largest producer of short film entertainment in the world.

Our mission: to empower filmmakers everywhere.
Welcome to, a free SOCIAL NETWORK of like minded ARTISTS, ENTERTAINERS and INDUSTRY. Here you can share creative ideas, get advice, help others, further your career, get hired, and fill in the missing pieces of your project!


Kathy Hardman - Certified Mindful Coach

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