Marketing Seminar

Over 5,000 a month show up to become movie stars.
The average stay is 6 months.

A huge door has been designed to keep people out.
How do you get to the inside of this door?


The one day business of the business intensive.

Date: Saturday October 21, 2017
Location: San Diego Studio
California Ballet Company (upstairs conference room)
4819 Ronson Ct.
San Diego, California 92111

If you get lost, call (619) 564-4250.

Please use above link for driving directions.
MAKE SURE TO GRAB YOUR SPOT ASAP as seating is limited!

The Actors' Marketing Seminar is a one time class that I do 3-4 times a year that is designed to save you time and money on the path to your acting destiny.

It starts with a survey done by the whole class on how they see you in a quantifiable way. We take the results and start to establish what strategies you should use in your marketing materials to get past the road blocks.

Then, you will cast a project and see why certain headshots get picked and others get dumped... and trust me it's not what you think.

Then, we cover agents and managers: how to get them, but more importantly how to make them work for you. We cover contracts, showcases, alternate submissions, demo reels, goal setting, ending procrastination, solving crisis through mission statement, how to turn acquaintances into allies, and much more.

Everyone who takes this class, changes their headshots and everyone who takes the class walks away with a new drive to overcome the now understandable industry. You may RETAKE this class for $50- , and many do, because there is so much to absorb.

You will receive a packet of materials about an inch thick that you will use to refer to in the future.

$249 First time
$50 Retake